Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Metropolitan Double Pet Bed by Frontgate

Looking for a pet bet that would suit your modern house's design?

If you have two pets, then the Metropolitan Double Pet Bed is what you need to get! This innovative, solid wood bunk-style pet bed has sleek, modern lines that complement any contemporary decor.

Available in Espresso and Black
Dimensions: 34"L x 17"W x 22"H
Weight: 15 lbs Espresso includes 2 pillows, 2 Beige covers, and 2 Giraffe covers Black includes 2 pillows, 2 Grey covers, and 2 Zebra covers
Price: $399.00

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bambu Pet Hammock

A cute hammock made just for your cute little furball!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

18 Carat Dog Collar

While going through different pet websites, I’ve come across the most expensive pet stuff I’ve ever seen. From the website, you can find the $3,000 18 Carat Dog Collar. The collar is made by Luke Rose Jewellery. It is made from solid 18 Carat gold with handmade chains imported from Germany. The collar is branded and finished with a dog bone shaped T-bar. It takes 21 days to finish making each collar and it can be made for any size of dog. Would you want to get one for your dog? Just click to buy!

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Auto Keeble Feeder

Are you tired of having to manually open the petfood container, measure the right amount of petfood and pour it into your pet’s bowl? Do you have a job and want to save time when it comes to feeding your pet dog? Or do you just want to have lesser chores? The Auto Kibble Feeder will be perfect for you. With this feeder, you can set the exact amount of food at a schedule that you prefer your dog to eat. You need not worry about your pet being hungry if you have to spend some more time at work. This petfeeder will definitely feed on your pet on time all the time!

Features and Specifications:
- You can choose from three different sizes – small, medium and large (Choose the size that would be perfect for your pet’s size)
- It comes with a user-friendly timer used for scheduling the feed times
- You can program up to 8 feeds everyday (Make sure that you fill the container with pet food)

Warning: This auto petfeeder is not intended for pets that will be left unattended for several days.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Armarkat X7805 Gold Cat Tree Condo

Do you think that your pet cat needs a bit of exercise but you're scared of letting him or her out of the house? Have you ever heard of a cat tree?

The Armarkat X7805 is a cat tree that is 78 inches high and has one perch, two condos, one hammock and one cradle that your feline friend can relax on. It is made of pressed wood and covered with ultra soft faux fleece. It also uses sisal rope in its different parts. Climbing the different levels of the cat tree will definitely give your pet a good exercise without having to leave comforts of your home.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Posh Pink Bed for a Princess

Do you want to make your pet feel the comfort of a canopy bed?  This Posh Pink Bed for a Princess will surely make your pet dog or pet cat feel relaxed. The tent is made of pink suede and its trimming is a stylish brown and pink feather boa. The roof features a chocolate brown peak complete with linings of silver and pink gems. You also get a bonus of a brown pillow.

What are you waiting for? Go get your pet one!
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